Ella Burton. Student.
Creative mind.

Camera Operator and Assistant

Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen) 2020 and currently freelancing as a Camera Assistant.
ACS member as of 2019

What do I do?

Camera Operator
Short Film
Music Videos

Camera Assistant (1AC & 2AC)
Short Documentary

“Wine” (Taste of Me EP) | Teenage Joans | 1AC & BTS
Director: Jack Bilby & Thomas Schaefer
Director of Photography: Thomas Schaefer

Deep Six | 1AC
Producer: Maddie Siegertsz
Director: Fraser Whitehead
Director of Photography: Nick Frayne

Channel 44: Couch 44 (Season One) | Camera Operator & AC
Producer: Maddie Siegertsz
Production type: Aired mini-series

Living Stories | Camera Operator and AC
Founder: Alison Rogers
Production type: Documentary
Job title: Camera Operating and assisting as a freelancer within a small company
(2021 – )

Downpour | 2AC
Producer: Melissa Daly
Director/s: Thomas Chalmers & Henry Reimer Meany
Director of Photography: Thomas Schaefer
Fleurieu Community Foundation | Camera Operator A
Producer: Alice Reardon
Director: Peter Hanlon

John & Mary | 2AC
Producer: Tom Young, Jason Bevin
Director: Tom Young, Jason Bevin
Director of Photography: Helen Carter

Penfolds Winery | BTS
Take Two Media
Director: Shuying (Grace) Liu
Director of Photography: Mark Cowley

Where is My Sister? | 1AC & 2AC
Flinders Production
Producer: Tom Young
Cinematographer: Helen Carter

Flinders University Student
Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen)
Graduated 2020
Learned a range of skills over the course of three years of study, including practical and theory filmmaking knowledge.

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